His Holy Spirit in You

(The Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Life)

Romans 8:2 KJV states, “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” Who is the Holy Spirit and what purpose does He fulfill in a person’s life? What is the difference between indwelling, baptism or filling of the Holy Spirit? Does He comfort, counsel, convict or condemn? How can you tell if the voice in your ear is the Holy Spirit or not? What does it mean to grieve, quench or blaspheme the Holy Spirit? These questions and more are answered in “His Holy Spirit in You”.

In learning about His Holy Spirit in You, you will learn: • Who He Is • What He Does • How He Is Revealed • When He Empowers Instead of fluff or imagination regarding God’s Holy Spirit. “His Holy Spirit in You” provides all the necessary information for those who desire to know and have the power of the Holy Spirit operating in their lives. The material within was first taught at an annual women’s conference, after which the response was so positive it was decided that the material should be put in print so that others could benefit from the same. Like them, you can experience a more joyful life that reflects freedom instead of bondage.  If this is your desire, this book is for you.

Dropped, but Not Broken

(Learning to Love from the Inside Out)

Relationships can sometimes take unexpected turns, and many Christian women are reluctant to share these challenges with others, fearing they may be stripped of their robe of righteousness. In “Dropped, but not Broken” author Paula Harris confronts these all-too-common issues. She shows how women can experience deliverance and healing in order to be set free to receive and give love once again.

“This book exposes the wounds of a broken heart, ushers the reader toward hope and healing, then lights the path toward personal wholeness and the capacity to love others from the inside out.”

– Marnie Swedberg, Leadership Mentor.

This book offers insight for improving the love in one’’s relationships. It provides both powerful narratives and Scripture-based guidance for living a more fulfilling life. Learn the two most effective principles for loving from the inside out. Be set free to “receive” and “give” love once again.

With relationships collapsing all around us, don’’t flounder but flourish in yours.

Break free from rejection to rejuvenation
Break free from unreliable feelings to faith
Break free to learn how to trust again
Break free from suffering in silence
Break free to overcome conflicts
Break free from substitutes to the real thing

A Woman of All Seasons

(Daily Divine Deliverance)

Your time in this book will be revitalizing as you receive wisdom for each season of your life. The explanation of seasons is different from what you have heard before. Instead of being overwhelmed by life’s challenges, gain strength and insight to confront what you are facing presently. A good study for individual or group use.