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Transformed Worldwide Ministries is a teaching ministry and outreach to women. Our theme is, “Empowering Women Through His Eternal Word. We expound, exhort, and empower through the Word of God so others may know Christ and be transformed into His likeness. Our ministry goes beyond just sharing Biblical principles; we give practical direction in how to apply those principles in one’s daily walk. TWM has an impact for the Kingdom of God by addressing true needs of women. In reaching women, we realize we also reach the ones they love.

Community Bible Studies

Consider joining a fun group of women for one hour, once a week to be refreshed at Entreé of Encouragement. We have three classes to choose from: one in Lionville, one in Exton and one in Valley Forge. Classes are verse-by-verse and nondenominational.

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Worldwide Wonderful Women

All encouragers need to have encouragement themselves. God’s Word encourages us not to be weary in doing good. Please take a moment to sign up for the level of support that you desire. Also, tell your friends around the world of this support that is available to them as well.

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Invite Paula to speak at your next women’s event. She is sure to be a blessing! She is a gifted Bible teacher and songstress who will motivate you with practical teaching and insight from the Word of God. Join us for our annual conference in the fall.

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Marriage Ministry

William and Paula Harris are available to speak to couples to empower them through God’s Word so their marriages will last a lifetime.  Contact them to speak to your group. Their presentation incorporates audiovisual elements that enhance understanding.

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Women’s Conference

Annually we conduct a women’s conference to address issues that are relevant to women who want to live victorious in Christ. It is normally held in the fall during the month of October. Plan to attend and register early. All women are invited to atttend.

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Paula is able to provide personal instruction to women by holding webinars through Worldwide Wonderful Women. This way she addresess questions “live” while interacting with women around the globe. It also gives women a chance to hear from others and learn from them.

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When possible, Transformed Worldwide Ministries has provided Bibles and support to help in foreign countries. We have provided Bibles for women who attended our community Bible studies and did not own a Bible. Our heart is to share the Word of God with as many as we can.

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Intercessory Prayer

We have prayer partners who will pray over your needs. Please contact us.


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