Be Wise; Make the Most of Every Opportunity

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Ephesians 5:15-16 states, “Be very careful, then, how you live–not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” Now 2018 has gently been ushered out like the morning sunrise does the dark of night with its radiant light. This past year, William and I had been even more intentional in our love toward one another and our family.

We brought 2018 in all together praying as a family after playing several games and laughing so hard we were in tears and holding our stomachs as if we had just finished 1,000 crunches. Before 2018 faded away forever, my heart rejoiced when I asked each immediate family member was there anything I needed to do to improve our relationship going into the new year, and then hearing each one of them respond similarly there was nothing they could think of. I sincerely asked, starting with William and going to the youngest grandchild, trying to be careful how I was living, trying to be wise and making the most of every opportunity as the Scripture advised.

I have witnessed how several baby boomers are especially being challenged these days trying to juggle their care for aging parents and adult children along with trying to care for themselves. According to a survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education, 59% of baby boomers who are parents are financially supporting their children ages 18-39. There are several potential reasons for this, such as record-high student-debt levels and a difficult job market for recent college graduates. Sandwiched between being a caretaker for parents and support for children, there are baby boomers who may not retire as planned. The demands from both generations can be draining or very challenging at times.

How can baby boomers live out Ephesians 5:15-16? If you have a call or inner desire that seems to have dripped away like a snowflake upon a warm hand, know it’s not too late. Starting later this month, I will open a few spots for a program designed to mentor baby boomers (women) dealing specifically with their adult children. This program is designed to biblically instruct you and help you share one-on-one privately to gain the wisdom needed to balance your responsibilities. You do not have to neglect personal care to support your grown children. If it seems you lost yourself somehow or have no hope of seeing a desire fulfilled, this mentoring course is for you. If you are serious about making a change in 2019 regarding your relationships, email me and I will set up a call to see if this program is a match for you. Be wise and make the most of this opportunity now by contacting me. My email is: [email protected].

Know God has a good plan for you, and He will fulfill it. (Jer. 29:11). Happy New Year!


Paula is compassionately committed to biblically teach and mentor women who desire to be renewed in their minds by God’s eternal Word so their destinies will become a reality. She goes beyond sharing biblical principles to practical application for everyday living. Learn more here.

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