Let’s Swarm Together

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In late July, a swarm of grasshoppers migrated into Las Vegas reminding people of the biblical account of the plague of locusts. These grasshoppers descended in such numbers that their swarms showed up on weather radar screens. They did not destroy as in the biblical account, but were annoying as they took over the area.

In Exodus, Chapter 10, the account of the locusts is recorded. As a result of Pharaoh’s rebellious heart in not releasing the Israelites from slavery, God told Moses to stretch out his hand over the land of Egypt to bring a plague of locusts. The locusts covered the face of the land and swallowed up every crop and all the fruits of the trees so that nothing green remained. Pharaoh confessed his sin against God, but did not truly repent in his heart. For when God removed the locusts from the land, Pharaoh reverted back to his rebellion and would not let the Israelites go.

I am amazed to see the same thing happen in our day. The terrifying events of 911 took place, and people across the United States looked to God in prayer. The grasshoppers swarmed Las Vegas and the newscasters were all referring to the biblical account of locusts.

How easy it is to think of God in certain situations and then quickly dismiss Him as one putting out the flame of a candle. Isn’t it also something to witness such a focus of God on Sundays by believers, only in the twinkling of an eye to see such an eruption of the flesh during the week? Am I sitting in judgment of others? No! I am pondering this and imagining how it must grieve the heart of our Lord.

Last year in our conference, we dealt with negative thoughts, words, and the condition of our hearts before our Lord. I see now how God was preparing us for what was going to take place in our nation and abroad, especially in relationship to being offended.

This year in our conference, I believe He is going to continue to prepare us for what is ahead by renewing our minds and gaining a deeper understanding regarding His grace and how to live in it regardless of our struggles. It is a continuation of walking positively and overcoming the negativity that tries to consume us today.

I praise God for the women who attend our conference. They are of all races, denominations, and social status, who desire to proclaim victory in Jesus over the enemy of their souls. Grasshoppers, locusts or not, join us as we unite as one before the Lord on that day. Click here to get the details of our conference and to register. In love, let’s swarm together locking arms and consistently declaring His kingdom as we should. See you there!



Paula is compassionately committed to biblically teach and mentor women who desire to be renewed in their minds by God’s eternal Word so their destinies will become a reality. She goes beyond sharing biblical principles to practical application for everyday living. Learn more here.

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