Being Exactly Who God Made You to Be

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Who am I? Who are we as women? To be a woman is to be exactly who God created you to be! We are nothing more and truly nothing less.

A woman is made with excellence and treasured by God. Her role of submission does not define her by inferiority. Instead, it empowers her to both serve and lead with grace and truth. As an image-bearer, a woman’s characteristics and gifts mirror who God is. Therefore, we are essential and useful. Each one’s standard should be to reflect well God’s characteristics as an image-bearer. A woman thrives when she recognizes who God is, how He has created her, and what He has called her to. Since there is diversity in the body of Christ, every woman’s role varies. In scripture there are several women who are seen living this out:

• Deborah (Judges 4-5)
• Esther (Book of Esther)
• Anna (Luke 2:36-40)
• Miriam (Exodus 15:20-21)
• Hannah (1 Samuel 1-2:10)
• Phoebe (Romans 16:1-2)
• Priscilla (Acts 18:18-28)
• Tabitha (Acts 9:36-42)
• Samaritan Woman (John 4:1-42)

So, what is your calling? Well, my encouragement to every woman who desires to thrive and strive for excellence is to grow in their knowledge of God and His Word. Also, to devote themselves to Him. Like Romans 12:1-2 says, it is not until we put away our old selves, the costumes of this world, and live according to God’s original design that we come to learn what God’s good and perfect will is for us. Then you as an individual will thrive being exactly who God made you to be in this world.


My name is Lindsey Harrell. I am a college graduate of Lancaster Bible College with a major in Women’s Ministry Leadership. I am committed to serving alongside women who long to be transformed by the hope and healing God provides through his truth.

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